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Fallen Dragon by Peter Hamilton

This was our bookgroup book this month and only one of us liked it. I'd read his first trilogy and nothing else by him since because of how awful those were. This was slightly better, but I won't read more.

The father of a teenager on a colony planet has his father buy him a girlfriend to try and get him to be the kind of guy he wants. When the boy finds out she's been bought, even though she says she got to really love him, he takes off for Earth to become a soldier. It turns out being a space soldier is not nearly as fun as he expected and because he doesn't have any money, he can't advance. He thinks he found some kind of a treasure on the next planet they steal from and rounds up other soldiers to help him (and get a part of it). But the planet has a pretty good resistance and when he gets to the place where he thinks the treasure is, it's not what he thought, and many of his group die.
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