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I actually watched this Thursday night and forgot to post about it since.

This is a nice little film set in the UK. A widower and his two sons settle into a new development and the younger son, Damian, takes the moving boxes and makes a house between the development fence and the rail line. One day he goes out and his house is smushed by a heavy bag full of pounds. He shows it to his older brother, Anthony, who suddenly has visions of things he can buy. Damian has visions of saints who show him where to give it away. He starts giving the money away, including 1000 pounds to a charity that comes to their school.

The charity runner is suspicious and talks to their dad. The two of them fall into bed as well as realizing that the pounds have only a few days to be changed into Euros. Where did the money come from? Clearly off a train, but more specifically? This is a very cute film and I enjoyed it.
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