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My Ear! My Ear!

I had an audiology test today and my left ear has a hearing loss, which I expected. It turns out that you're supposed to get hearing loss equally in both ears, so I get to see the ENT next week. And here at home, I saw news about a big tractor-trailer crash on the road I used to come home that must have happened just a few minutes behind me. I'm sorry it happened, but I'm glad I was ahead!

The vet said it was a gash on Spirit's butt, but it looked like it was healing and I just need to watch it. If it gets weird, she'll drop by antibiotics. Junie hasn't attacked Spirit since that last time, but she is really not happy getting the pills. I'm going to try the pill-shooter tonight.

I turned the light off and planned to go to sleep at 4am today, but I was still awake at 5am and decided to come out and have some cheese. It frequently helps me sleep at night, and I knew I had a bit that needed the outside pared. So I pared and then turned on the light next to the recliner, planning to share cheese with the cats (which I did). I saw what looked like a fluff of fur on the seat and picked it up, and it turned out to be the next-largest mat! Loki went through the last bit himself and left it in the chair! I put it in my drawer to measure before I posted: Length: 3", Width: 1.25", Depth: .50" (yeah, yeah, mixed metrics). Never say the boy can't get rid of mats. Now I only have the last giant one to work on.
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