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Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds

I kept wanting to call this Revolution Space, but there really is a Revelation Space in it. The bookgroup is reading one of Al's books in January and I thought I'd read the others first. This is one of his three that he recommends reading in order (next, Redemption Ark and Absolute Gap, plus two more in the universe: Chasm City and The Prefect).

We start out in a far future where not only are there aliens, there's several varieties of humans. We have versions of FTL and coldsleep, plus some interesting physics. The three protagonists are Dan Sylveste -- the son of a well-known family who has spent a lot of his life exploring other cultures, Volyova -- one of the leaders of an FTL ship, and Khouri -- an assassin who is hired by a mysterious person to travel on Volyova's ship to kill Sylveste. Things never turn out that easy, of course, and Al gives us ongoing clues to what's happening.

This is a real space opera thriller and I highly recommend it.
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