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Remembering Mother

Counting just years, not months or days, she's been dead as long as she was alive. She would've been 74 today.

After Lucila came and cleaned today, I took the cardboard & newspapers to the transfer station. Usually I do this on Wednesday, but I'm meeting lizzibabe for dinner tomorrow and it's after the transfer station closes. So today I went from the transfer station to the LongHorn Steak House and had their chocolate dessert. It's really a two-person dessert and I didn't mmanage even one person's worth, but I expected that.

Mother was in a fundamentalist evangelical sect and they weren't allowed to have stimulants, which coffee and chocolate are. She loved those and every now and then would succumb and then have to do penance for a long time. So I remember her birthday with chocolate and coffee. The LongHorn chocolate dessert is a moist cake with mousse on the top plus a scoop of ice cream, doubled.

I then went to get Junie's buspar and soon after I got home, I had good evidence that we need to try this. Spirit waas trying to come out from under the end table and she couldn't see Junie, who attacked her and they rolled around growling, yelling, and scratching. This has only happened when I was in bed before and by the time I got out, they were both hiding. This time I got to see. Junie was definitely the aggressor.

I got my most recent shipment from SFBC today -- the new Pratchett, plus Red Claw. It had an odd description, but I decided to get it anyway. You should see the cover -- little plastic spacemen with dead bugs.
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