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Cold and Wet

We dropped 18 degrees overnight and I had to get up and take minor pain meds. I slept another hour and then took the trash and recycling out. I called to set up my MRI, but Kaiser didn't have an appointment soon enough, so they sent me out to Virginia Radiology Associates, which is in the local hospital. I've been there before for CTs and maybe MRIs. Their soonest were on Saturday, so I'm going at 4:30pm. Tonight I'll be NPO after midnight and I'll go get my B12 test tomorrow.

I'm finally washing cat blankies, which I usually do on Mondays. This is why I like to keep later days in weeks free, because things have to move down sometimes.

Yesterday Spirit went into the kitchen for both meals, and when Loki sat on my lap, she snuggled on top of him. But when Junie came to sit on the arm and I was petting both of them saying "Good kitties, we like each other, good kitties," Spirit leaned over and tried to bite Junie. Of course, she doesn't have any teeth, so it wouldn't hurt anyway, but Junie smacked her and they both started making noise so I dumped them both on the floor.

Junie has started keeping Loki out of the bedroom when I go down to read. He can come when I go to sleep, I guess, because I'm not petting anybody then. I can see that she's jealous of the other two because they get more attention out here, but as long as Spirit is afraid of her, I can't do as much petting out here. I have calling the vet on my list for tomorrow.
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