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Fall Down Go Boom

I was getting up from the chair after I'd taken meds last night and I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I landed on my left butt. I turned over mostly on my front and waited until my heart stopped racing, and then got up on my knees on the rug next to the bed, and pulled up. I kept moving my leg and trying to figure out what exactly I'd hurt, but by morning, it only hurt when I sat up or down. I think it's a bruise, not that I can see it. The left arm started hurting partway through the night.

I was thinking I wouldn't try getting into the van today and would get groceries on Wednesday, but even though feeding the cats made me ache, I decided to go ahead and go. First, someone with whom I volunteered on OMNI on AOL called. She'd had a massive stroke some years ago and her almost-husband left her, and now she has cancer. She's handling it very well. I told her that two people who had frequented our OMNI SF forum on AOL had stories in the current Asimov's and she was very pleased.

I went to get money, took a DVD to the post office, and then went to the grocery. I got a third off my bill with coupons and sales, which is a good thing, but I was feeling like I was going to fall down any second by the time I started out to the van. I sat in the back of the van and waited until I felt better and then drove home. I put the stuff that needed the fridge or freezer in, and went to sit in the recliner until I felt better. Then I put the rest of it away. I usually wash cat blankies on Mondays, but I think I'll do that tomorrow.
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