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Two Policemen

They came in their cars and parked across from my condo, went to the other end of the building, and came right back and left. I don't know why, because here, warrants and so forth are served by sheriff's deputies.

Another day waking up with a painful arm and I don't think it was how I was sleeping. I'll have to be more careful to notice when I'm awake at night, just in case.

Washing and changing sheets, of course, and Junie keeps trying to sleep under them wherever they are.

Last night Spirit sat in my lap and licked my hand (she rarely does that) and kept looking terrified and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then instantly, she started purring and settled down. I realized that Junie, who was up on the crenelations overlooking us, had turned away. I'll have to call the vet tomorrow and see if she has advice about how Spirit is still terrified of Junie, and to some extent, reasonably, since Junie chases Loki around, too.
Tags: cats, laundry, pain, police

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