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Space Elevator!

Congratulations to Jordin Kare, fan and filker extraodinaire, plus the other principal in LaserMotive, Thomas Nugent, for their robot first in the contest!

I got Wednesday's lab results back and other than spilling protein and the GFR, which is related to that, everything is back to what it was before I had the stroke!

The WashPost has had a horoscope column for years and for a long time they had a guy who wrote such vague horoscopes that you could apply them to almost anybody. I always looked "mine" up in the morning and then checked in the evening and I could almost always find something that matched. There's a new columnist now and she's very specific, so most days I can read it in the morning and say "That's not going to happen!" and be right. But yesterday's was a good bit of advice:

Your job is to take care of you. It might seem selfish, but today it would be selfish not to take care of yourself. That would only lead to others having to take care of you later. Think ahead. Treat yourself well.

Also, some articles from yeseterday reminded me of something. A lot of people who have kids with unusual diseases or have something up for sale (Sip & Dip, Obama's half-brother's book) start up their own foundations. It seems more likely that contributing to existing audited charities would be a better use of the money.
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