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Asimov's January 2010

This is the best Asimov's I've ever read. All of the stories were at least decent, and I read Silverberg's article on the Antikythera computer even though I already knew the info. Sheila defined a magazine for us, and James Patrick Kelly wanted to know where his hovercar is (I think that's getting a little old).

The very best stories:

"Marya and the Pirate" by Geoff Landis -- real space opera and thrilling

"The Jekyll Island Horror" by Allen M. Steele -- a "found" manuscript proving there's UFOs.

"Conditional Love" by Felicity Shoulders -- what happens when gene-mods go wrong (near the end I knew what was coming and I was still squeezing my shoulders together)

"Wilds" by Carol Emshwiller -- can a wild man be tamed?
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