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Evening Sleep

I picked up a library book today -- not SF but fiction -- where I actually read the entire review in the WashPost and decided to try it. Then I dropped a DVD off at the post office and came home. I hadn't heard Luke upstairs yesterday and was going to knock, and if he didn't answer, call his daughter, but his hanging tomato plant had been watered and I figured I just hadn't heard him.

I finished reading blogs and comics up to this point and really needed a nap -- at some point Spirit pulled herself out from under the duvet by putting her claws into my chest -- and when I got up, the phone rang. It was Luke's daughter and she told me he's having his gallbladder out tomorrow. He'll stay with them for a bit after and then he insists on coming home, which is not a surprise.

Last night and again tonight, Spirit has gone into the kitchen to eat dry kitty food. So if this is all the better it gets, it will be okay. I hope the buspar makes her get a lot better, though, closer to how she was before.
Tags: cats, errands, neighbor

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