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Marilee J. Layman

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06:09 pm: Disappointing Day
Well, all the state-wide offices went Republican roughly 60%. Here in Manassas, 5% of the population voted and we were closer to %66 Republican. A former delegate said that the state will now be going back to moderate, which seems unlikely since our new leaders are anti-women, anti-GLBT, anti-minority, pro-abuse, pro-sexual abuse, and pro-drunks, etc. The only good part is that those guys can only have this one session.

I took the trash and recycling out today, dropped a DVD at the post office, got my standing order labs done, and picked up the Restasis. The clerk made sure I knew I was paying for the $196.25, and I told her I did. This is two months worth and Medicare/Kaiser will start picking meds up again in January. Then I went to TGI Friday and after I had potstickers and a house salad, the server came back clearly expecting me to order more. But not only was I full (I have a pretty good idea of how much food makes me full), the potstickers had slightly more protein than I can have for the day. I just asked for the check.

Spirit has been more interested in the other two cats today, but that has only brought some hissing.

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