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Marilee J. Layman

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03:22 am: CatGenie Progress 5
Well, the sprinkling of granules didn't make a difference. I'd gone to bed but was awake and had an idea. I got back up and put on yesterday's clothes and shoes and then completely cleaned the truly disgusting litterbox. I didn't wash it, so it would still smell like a litterbox, but I got all the cat litter out. Then I put a narrow layer of granules in, and put it back where it was, next to the CatGenie. As soon as I came out, Giorgio went in and peed. I hope that Spirit will also accept it, and then I can transfer the solids to the CatGenie, rinse the granules through a filter, dry them, and put them aside to use as I need to refill the box.

What gave me this idea was Cheryl's post in rasff -- that cats don't always recognize the CatGenie as a litterbox -- so I'm hoping that if they recognize the granules, the transfer to the CatGenie will happen.

I'll be very happy if there's more output in the litterbox in the morning. I'm going to finish this bottle of water and go back to bed.

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