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Dark and Sleepy

It was dark and cold outside and after I got through the paper and made the grocery list, I napped in the recliner for 2.5 hours with Spirit. She's out more today -- in the kitchen, up on the crenelations clawing at the carpet and then in the castle smelling where the other cats have been for a while -- and is currently looking strongly at the kitchen from under the end table.

I'm washing sheets, of course, and found out that I need to wash the washer's gasket because it's accumulating mold. Ick. I wish I'd just gotten the same kind of washer/dryer that I had before.

I'm washing and re-littering the litterboxes, too, so I expect to be really tired tonight. I decided that even though the nephrologist said to never do my labs more than four weeks apart, that I'm going to do them Wednesday instead of Tuesday. There's just too much to do on Tuesday now, primarily seeing the ophthalmologist and getting my eyes dilated, so a day extra will have to be okay.

I had about 30 kids for candy in three batches far apart. The last batch came after I gave up and turned the outside light off -- apparently they thought having the kitchen light on (next to the door) meant I was still ready to give out -- and I told them they should watch for the outside light next year.
Tags: cats, halloween, health, laundry, sleep

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