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The Buspar Works!

She had the first two doses yesterday and met me at the end of the hallway when I got up today. Then she went into the kitchen and ate with Loki! She went back and forth three times, but she went into the kitchen! I just gave them the dry food and only put a few pieces on the end table and she's now trying to convince herself to go to the farthest corner of the kitchen to eat more from the regular dish. I hope more days gives her more bravery.

Today I saw the ortho PA about my left forearm and he said I sprained my wrist. I got a little brace to wear when I go outside or lift heavy things. I called the Manassas pharmacy to see how I would manage if the line was so long again and they said I should just come forward and give it to a clerk. But I tried that Monday and it didn't work. Today, there were only three people in front of me and four counters covered, so I got up there quickly. My meds were filled in about 10 minutes and there were only four in line then, so again, I was okay.

This morning and at the ortho department, my BP was over the nephrologist's limit, so I sent email to her. It could be the changing meds, or maybe I just need more BP meds.

(Spirit is sitting on the chair in the dining room, looking down the hallway.)
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