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The doctor was on time, but we spent a lot of time going over the things wrong with me and working out the new med taper. She ordered some new dosages of two of my meds because I'm good at cutting into quarters, but I think eighths are probably beyond me. I went to my center's pharmacy to get them, but there were 12 people in line and I can't stand up that long twice. The taper on both doesn't start for about a week so I can get them tomorrow or Wednesday. I'll also talk to Admin about getting a number machine so everybody can sit down.

I decided to eat out and went to a sports bar that has good food, and TVs you don't have to hear (little speakers on each table that you tune to the station you want). I had a mostly vegetable dinner -- potatoes, beans, cheese, onions and a bit of meat -- better known as a half-order of loaded fries. I couldn't finish it and brought a piece of their wonderful carrot cake home.

I just spent 90 minutes working on five months of med calendars to show the taper plus the nephrologist's meds that I don't take every day (fosamax and vitamin D).
Tags: food, health

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