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Sideways Rain

We have sunshine now, but it's been raining off and on today and we had about 20 minutes of sideways rain. I called one of the bookgroup guys earlier to ask him to come help with something I can't do -- my swag lamp had the hook and chain by the wall fall down yesterday (and since the vertical chains were clean and the swag wasn't, I think the cleaning lady probably gave it a bit of a pull) -- and he came after the rain stopped, but told me he was up cleaning his gutter during the sideways rain.

I didn't get the van until almost closing time. One time when I called, the receptionist (who is a guy who can't do mechanic work anymore) said "We haven't even had time to get Lockheed's cars back!" And it's probably fair that Lockheed gets theirs first. The hinge pin (which is now silver instead of white, like all the other parts) was the only thing they had to fix. I had them change the oil (and check stuff) and do the state inspection as long as they had the van and all of that was fine.

My Medicare 2010 book came yesterday and I sat down and skimmed most of it (same stuff as last year, some just with new names), skipped some (plans I can't afford or don't quality for), and then went carefully over all the plans in this area. I have to have an HMO -- the other types of Medicare would bankrupt me -- and Kaiser is the only company that has HMOs that are in this area (other two are Richmond and Southwest VA). They have five plans and it clearly makes sense for me to continue with the High option and Drug Plan, since, again, I'd go bankrupt with meds and co-insurance with the other four. I pretty much expected I'd stay with the same plan. So my HMO premium will go up $7 next year and I don't get a COLA. It's not a big deal for me, but I'm sure it is for some folks.

Spirit clearly wanted water last night but was afraid to go into the kitchen to get it, so I brought it out. When she realized what it was, she drank half the pyrex cup-full immediately. I'll have to call the vet on Monday because I think maybe we should try the prescription meds.
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