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The Primary

She thinks the problem with my wrist is tendonitis and suggested Advil and I reminded her that Motrin killed my kidneys. I'm already on prednisone, so I got a referral & appt to ortho where the PA will probably give me a steroid shot (and had lots of x-rays of my left forearm for them to see). She checked my ears and doesn't see any problems with the left one, which isn't hearing as well as the right one and makes some noises, so I have a referral & appt to audiology, too. She thinks my hemorrhoids are minimal and gave me instructions on how to deal with them. She thinks I should talk to Webster on Monday about my loss of words and memory.

I took the van to the shop -- I noticed a couple days ago that there was a lot of friction opening and closing my door -- to get a new hinge pin in my door. The one that's there is barely above the connections and the one on the other side is about an inch above. As long as they have it, they're doing the annual oil change and state inspection a month early.

I knocked on Luke's door to tell him the van would be gone. With his legal blindness, the block of white tells him it's there. He gets worried if it's gone too long and I don't know when I'll be getting it back. A bit later he knocked on my door because he dropped his scissors (deadheading flowers on his balcony railing) and I got them from my porch with my reacher. Last week he fell really loudly and I didn't hear him get up, so I called without an answer and then got my keys for his door and knocked. He answered -- he'd partially put the recliner foot in and leaned over too far to get something so the recliner fell on him -- and insisted he was okay. I think he should have his independence, but it worries me sometimes.
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