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Marilee J. Layman

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06:16 pm: Frost Advisory
We had that last night and apparently will tonight, too. But then it goes back up to the 70s in the day for Wednesday, which is more like this time of year. It's hard to know just what kind of clothes to wear because the temperature can be so different depending on where you are. Layering, sure, but I can't carry all the extra stuff around.

I did the grocery shopping today and since I needed cat litter and it's on the top shelf (normally I lower it to a shoulder and then to the cart, stabilizing with my left hand), I got an employee to put the boxes in the cart for me. The checkout person noticed my Ace bandage and turned one over for the scanner herself. It's a good thing I had a short list because they're doing flu shots and the area in the pharmacy where I usually rest (alone) was full of older folks.

I'm washing the cat blankies, as usual on Monday.

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