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Eleven Hours

Last night I watched the rest of the TV shows I taped Friday night and then went to bed to read before I slept. I don't own the book for next month because I don't like the author's work, so I'm reading it first. We now almost always have more regulars than books, so those of us who take them at the meeting need to read soon and turn them back in for others. I set up to take notes and decided how many pages a night, but at 2/3 through that length, I kept going to sleep. I read three paragraphs four times and still didn't know what they said, so I turned the light out at 3:30am.

I woke up a bit before noon, which is for when the alarm was set, and turned it off. Then the cats started waking me up and I had trouble coming up from the dream. I did manage to remember today's day and date before I opened my eyes, though. That turned out to be 2:30pm, so I slept 11 hours. I think I could sleep more. I scheduled way too many things this past week, and fortunately, next week is much more open.

I'm washing the past week's sheets and putting the next week's sheets on, as usual, and Loki and I are watching Extreme Sports. I think he's just following the motion of the bikes now, skateboards earlier, but these are the only sports I really like to watch.
Tags: book, laundry, sleep, tv

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