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Phone Calls

I had an awful night with a lot of pain between the sitting up for the Visual Field and the cold bothering my arthritis, but I got up a bit early to make some phone calls. I have an appointment on Wednesday with my primary doctor for the left arm. I still have a lot of pain there and swollen tissue and joints, so it's time to let someone look at it.

Then I called the city's treasurer's office because I was thinking I usually had my car's city sticker by now and I hadn't even gotten the bill yet. For some reason, I'm marked as exempt, she didn't know why, and they're not doing stickers anymore. I can have the guys scrape it off when they put the inspection sticker on. It's possible that the van, being 23, is old enough that they don't consider it has any value.

And then I called Lucila and she can come Tuesday to clean.

I was right, I had the woman I'd had before for the right eye and she asked me three times to redo it and I was just too far gone. I still had to drive home and do some things after I got here.

Spirit's Pet Rescue Remedy arrived today and I gave her the night dose. She didn't like it and I'll have fun catching her in the morning.
Tags: cats, cleaning, health, pain, politics

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