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Less Laundry

After I turned the computer off, I really needed a nap and planned for 90 minutes (with the phone alarm) so I'd be awake before the possible time that Peapod would bring my order. I never actually slept, but I had a blank mind, which is almost as good. The vet called before the end and said to move the litterbox out to in front of the couch and depending on which she used, we'd know if she was angry or afraid. Either way, I should give her four drops twice a day of Rescue Remedy for a week and then drop down to once a day.

I got a call from Peapod about 30 minutes before they were due telling me they were running late and would be here by 10pm, and they were, barely. I bought a lot of stuff that had to go into the fridge and freezer so I was really worn out afterward and decided to just go to bed.

This morning, I couldn't find any place in the condo that Spirit had used as a bathroom, although I can't tell with the regular litterbox. I guess I'll see about tonight in the morning. I didn't find anywhere locally that has the Rescue Remedy, which turns out to be a Bach Flower thingy for people but there's a special non-alcohol version for pets. I ended up ordering it from Amazon's supplier because it was the cheapest.

I found some fridge things that need to be thrown out tomorrow and I'm going to go ahead and put them in the bag when I gather the trash because otherwise I'll forget to get them in the morning.
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