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More Laundry

I thought I heard Spirit with her litter last night and got up to check. She got out and I couldn't catch her, so I'm washing the sheet again and dealing with the Petzyme. I left a message with the vet. Tonight Spirit will have to stay in the guest bathroom and annoy me all night. I've got cat blankies to wash next, which is my normal Monday laundry.

I tried getting into the van and it hurt a lot, but I made it and I was only going to get out twice. I got money from the ATM, gas ($2.27/gallon), and dropped a DVD and survey at the post office. I got Saturday's mail on the way in, and it all went directly into the mixed paper recycling bin.

When I got home, Spirit and Loki were not only sitting in the recliner, but she was cuddled up to him and not touching the recliner arm on the other side. If I could only get her to trust Junie so much.
Tags: cats, errands

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