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Asimov's December 2009

No Connie Willis Christmas story, in fact no Willis at all. Sheila gives us the story of where Asimov's has moved in NYC through many years and their new address and I once again skipped Silverberg's essay on worldbuilding.

I didn't like as many as usual -- the ones that I liked at all were:

1. "A Lovely Little Christmas Fire" by Jeff Carlson -- a park ranger figures out fraud before DHS does.

2. "A Large Bucket, and Accidental Godlike Mastery of Spacetime" by Benjamin Crowell -- an astronaut volunteers to go on the tour of the Galactic Civilization, hoping to get Earth into the group.

One that could have been fixed with a paragraph was "As Women Fight" by Sara Genge. I think if the spouse would have been asked if she would continue helping after winning, the end would not only make more sense, but would give more gravity to the story.

And I actually finished the Stableford, which was lots of essays on global warming coming out of the mouths of two characters.
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