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More Laundry Than Preferred

Besides changing the sheets on my bed, I had to wash the sheet on the couch and use Petzyme on the couch itself. Spirit has peed and pooped (opposite ends) the last two nights. I think she feels it's less dangerous than going down the hallway to the litterbox, but it's going to get her put in the guest bedroom tonight. I feel bad about that, and I'll really dislike the yelling, but I can't let her keep doing that. I'll call the vet and see if there's something I can do -- maybe some valium for Spirit.

I got up and skimmed the front pages of the WashPost and then napped in the recliner for a couple of hours. I went to sleep with Spirit between my knees and woke up with Loki there. I cut down a few of the mats under his forward legs.

Peapod has a deal right now where if you make two orders over $100 during a certain time period, then you get free deliveries for two more orders over $100 -- save $13.98, which is not bad. So I worked out what I needed when and just put in the second of the first time period. They'll deliver tomorrow, and since I can't (and don't need to) go to the grocery with my arm, that'll work fine.

I'm going to copy James and give a link to a map of the Distribution of Muslim Population by Country and Territory, which shows the US has one of the lowest populations in the world.

My Annual Member Notice came from Kaiser Permanente and I read it through. They put in several times that they do not reward practitioners for issuing denial of coverage or service. Once they say that the health professionals should be diligent in detecting potential underutilization of care or service. They have only 11% of income going to admin, but don't divide it into Medicare and non-Medicare.
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