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The Sons of Heaven by Kage Baker

This is the last book of eight. Reviews of The Garden of Iden, Sky Coyote, Mendoza in Hollywood, The Graveyard Game, The Life of the World to Come, The Children of the Company, and The Machine's Child.

kgbooklog was right here when he says I didn't like the end. I'm still glad I read it all, so I know what Baker did, but Mendoza went from a feisty child almost killed in the Spanish Inquisition to a ghost of a woman tethered to a Victorian bully. Mendoza isn't in all the books, but she does run through the series and this last book makes her into treacle.

It's time for The Silence and the operative immortals are looking for a favorite place to die. The Facilitators, though, are ready to each win and take over. During this time, Edward rapes Mendoza to take control of her (and she thinks it must not be rape because her body responded). He takes over Alec's body and forces Mendoza to put Alec and Nicholas' consciousnesses into fetuses and into her womb. They bring them up and when ready, show them how to move into eternity. At the end of the book, they bring the operators and surviving Facilitators into eternity, too. Kind of a smarmy ending.

I think Mendoza having sex with men who'd come out of her womb is a bit weird, but they're not technically related to her. But I really hated the long long bits about bringing the kids up. Maybe it's because I've never wanted kids. I was very disappointed in what happened to Mendoza. Everybody else kept their character through the series, but Mendoza becomes a doll, to be played with.
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