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Bad Comcast

It turns out that just standing in front of the sink with the water on is enough to keep Spirit in the kitchen and eating. That's good because I didn't have much to fiddle with today -- it was a fosamax day and things happened in a different order after I got up.

I took the trash and recycling out and when I got home and turned on the news, I didn't have a digital signal. At least, both of the DVD/VCRs had no signal and the TV, which is analog, did. I checked connections and then I "chatted" with a Comcast analyst and they said someone had been working in our building today. I finally figured out I had to re-run the Set Channels on both DVD/VCRs to get them back -- it wasn't a loss of signals, it was a loss of channel knowledge -- probably caused by the tech that was here. Grrrrr
Tags: cats, electronics, errands

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