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What a Night and Day

I screwed up by getting Spirit off the computer desk when she was yelling just as I was turning off the light and bringing her to bed. She got scared by Junie in the bed and peed on the pillows. I could have just pulled things off and slept in the recliner, then take care of the bed linen in the morning (I was going to change sheets today anyway), but noooooo, I started doing laundry at 4am, with each system signal waking me up. So I actually slept from 7am to almost 3pm in the recliner and am late at everything.

On the other hand, Spirit seems to be less afraid today, and when I noticed she was trying to drink my cranberry juice, I put a small pyrex cup of water on the heating pad and she drank most of it right then, after bumping her nose on the dish a few times. I wonder if I need to color the water in the bowl on the floor by the kitchen entry. Or if she's just afraid to drink there.

I have a necklace for a fannish charity and both of my camera batteries had run out, so as soon as one is recharged, I'll post again about it.

I've cooked, cut, and put in the freezer the tenderloin with BBQ-ish marinade, and have eaten an endpiece. The tenderloin with lemon-garlic-ish marinade is in the toaster oven and I'll have an end of that, too.
Tags: cats, food, jewelry, laundry

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