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More Catfighting

Last night and this morning, both started when Spirit thought Junie got too close. She does it because she's afraid of Junie, but that puts her in an awkward position. For example, she didn't get any breakfast this morning because she was too afraid to go get some even when Loki & Junie were down in the bedroom. I figure I shouldn't give her any just for her -- they'll eat dinner soon enough and maybe she'll get the idea.

Loki came to me when I was in the recliner and I tucked him in upside-down by my left side and got a handful of little mats off him with the kids Fiskars. The last couple I had to put my arm between all his legs and he tried a brief disembowelment, giving me a small scratch.

I'm still sleeping about 10 hours, even if I don't take the pain meds (although then I don't sleep as much at night). I got the tenderloin (two parts) marinated and in the fridge and tomorrow I'll cook them both. I'll need to label the freezer containers because they're different marinades. The house smells like garlic, which is nice.
Tags: cats, food, sleep

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