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Some of the cities in the Shenandoah Valley, Winchester in particular, are advertising as good places to live and work because they'd be beyond fallout from a bomb in DC. Some fed organizations are buying it.

The Wren Chapel at the College of William and Mary was built by Anglicans. For many years, there was a small cross on a table at the front of the chapel. Non-Christian groups could ask for it to be removed. The current president, Gene R. Nichol, decided that was favoring Christians and had the cross put in a closet, to be brought out when Christians wanted to use the chapel. The students were not too concerned, but the alumni started a war. The current compromise is that the cross will be placed on the table on Sundays. Some alumni are still upset.

My cable TV is out, but not my upstairs neighbor's and no other reports. I've checked all the connections twice. My guess is that the scruffy guy renter who just moved in tried to steal cable and ended up dropping mine. Theoretically, someone is coming to check it out.

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