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Pain Meds = More Sleep

The alarm went off at noon, but I was still too sleepy to get up, so I just turned it off and woke up because of pain at 2pm. I'd left Spirit out in the living room and had the other two in bed last night and as soon as she heard me moving, she yelled and then came down to the bedroom and yelled. I think more light makes her more confident.

I took a DVD to the post office and noticed on the way back in that the neighbors who took care of the kitties while I was in the hospital have moved to another condo. They were the middle floor of the "back" of a building and had very noisy renters above them. They've moved to a place where they're the "front" top floor and have nobody above them, and we can still see parts of each other's condo.

Junie has found one of the small glitter poms, most of which are under things. I left them there because the ones that were out weren't being played with, but I suppose I'll have to use the reacher to get them because Junie definitely likes it.
Tags: cats, errands, health

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