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Nice Night, Chilly Day

Loki and Junie were on the bed before I got the book and reading glasses and so forth out, and stayed there all night, as near as I can tell. Spirit came down when I started getting up. No hissing or growling, and when Spirit was eating from the dish this morning, Junie stayed back at the entry to the kitchen. So maybe things will get better.

An electronic sign on my way to the neurologist today said it was 66F and it's 63F in DC now, so probably 60F or so out here. We're definitely having our regular short fall. I saw a blue convertible on the way up with a license that said "SKY DRVR."

The neurologist was surprised and pleased that the vasculitis was gone; she said that's rare. She said the tremor in my hands is benign (not bad) essential (don't know why it's happening) active (only when I use my hands -- passive is Parkinson's) tremor. She thinks it might be some of the meds, particularly the decreasing of the prednisone & cytoxan, but whatever it is, if it doesn't get worse, she'll just check again when I see her in six months.

As I was pulling into our parking lot, there were a lot of dark clouds in front of me, with just a few holes through, and I could see the light shining down in pillars.
Tags: cats, health, weather

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