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Another Catfight

Well, last night I had just Loki in bed while I read until I heard the snarl and spat. I found Spirit terrified in the recliner and looking in the wrong direction for Junie, and Junie hiding. I hope Spirit will "see" better when she's completely blind -- I've heard of that happening because they don't have the bit they do see to confuse them. I took Spirit back to the bed and Junie came in a bit. I didn't have to push her off and both were gone when the alarm went off at noon.

Putting the food on two dishes didn't work because Spirit wouldn't go into the kitchen while Junie was there. Tomorrow I'll try bringing a dish to the living room for her and see how that works.

Today I stopped first at the Giant where I got twice the amount I should have had deducted because the cashier screwed up. I don't know what happens to her, but a bit less than $32 is nice. Then I headed to the other end of the county, passing three accidents on the way. One was bad enough that the six-lane road was being routed through a shopping center. Good thing I was really early. I'd noticed there was a Jo-Ann's across from Kaiser in Woodbridge and they had the mini-rib (95% cotton, 5% lycra) in the color I'd had to buy with a fair amount of polyester in it. I bought that, and the seamstress can do what she wants with the one that is more poly.

I read most of the WashPost at PT because I was early and then had machines hooked up to my back. I stopped at Chili's and brought home a bit more than half an order of Mushroom Jack fajitas.

Obama is trying to clear the non-terrorists out of Gitmo, but one Uighur is staying on purpose. Palau won't take his brother because they don't have the means to deal with his mental illness and we won't take them here, so he stays to help his brother. This is stupid -- we know how to take care of the brother and there are large communities of Uighurs here. If they go home, they'll be tortured by China. Americans should stop being so afraid and let these brothers move in.
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