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Blue Before Dark

The sky was all dark clouds without raining and now, right before dark, it's blue.

I had less sleep than usual again last night with trying to get the cats to settle in on the bed together, and I had to push Junie off twice for advancing on Spirit. Spirit is losing weight because she's afraid to eat when Junie does, so I'll put the food down on two plates and Spirit will either eat by herself or with Loki. Loki stayed out in the living room all day today, mostly in the castle, but sometimes in the recliner.

I took a DVD to the post office and was very wobbly at the Giant. When I came home, I put the fridge/freezer stuff away and sat in the recliner and looked at the checkout paper and figured out why it was more money than I'd expected (I did expect about $40 more than usual for the eyedrops and a tenderloin) -- none of the sale or BOGO items had been put through that way. I called the store to ask about it and she said to bring the checkout paper in and they'd fix it. And then I realized that at the bottom it told me what I would have saved with my card. I'd handed the cashier all six coupons plus the card at the same time and she must have forgotten to run the card. So I'll try to take care of that before I leave for PT tomorrow.

I'm having problems with some of my PT exercises because my hands and wrists hurt so much, but at least I'm doing what I can.
Tags: cats, errands, health

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