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No Catfights

When I finished my pre-sleep reading last night, there was just Loki down at the bottom of the bed, so I headed out to get Spirit out of the recliner. She was all curled up and let me pick her up instead of running. I think she was worried about Junie showing up -- not only was it dark, but Spirit is going blind. So I went back to the bed and tucked her in beside me and talked to her and she relaxed just as Junie showed up between her and Loki. Junie put her paw out, but Spirit didn't touch it, and after a while Junie turned and started washing Loki who started washing himself. I turned the light off and the next time I woke up, Junie was behind my knees and the other two much more relaxed. When I woke up, Junie was gone, but the other two still like that. I'll try it again tonight.

After I was up a couple of hours, I was very sleepy and napped in the recliner for 2.5 hours. I hope I get more sleep tonight, but I think trying to make the bed a neutral place is worth losing some sleep. Nothing more today but changing/washing sheets.
Tags: cats, laundry

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