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Marilee J. Layman

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04:14 pm: Wheelers by Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen
The first third or so of this book is mostly infodumps, mostly on things I already know about. It sets up the main characters: Prudence Odingo, Moses Odingo, and Bright Halfholder. The Odingos, aunt and nephew, are from Earth; Halfholder is a Jovian blimp. The blimps have diverted a comet that was going to hit them to hit Poisonblue (Earth) because they know no intelligent life can live there, there's too much oxygen and it's too warm. The story is about how humans and blimps work together to try to get the comet to miss Earth. Moses has a rapport with animals and at one point, they have people call him "Speaker-to-Animals." There's some puns in the text, too.

What should have been shorter, more of an epilogue, is how our heroes set off to other galaxies to tell them what was found out while dealing with the comet. We must save the rest of the universe!

I have what I believe to be the sequel, Heaven and I suppose I'll read it anyway, but I don't think I'll buy more from these guys.

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