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Mendoza in Hollywood by Kage Baker

This is the third book of eight. Reviews for In The Garden of Iden and Sky Coyote.

This book concentrates on Mendoza again in 1863, while she's confessing to other immortals. She's been assigned to what will be Hollywood at a stage coach inn. The plants are mostly dead, so she wonders why she's there. She starts dreaming of her lover from In the Garden of Iden and brings the station head for the first few times as she screams. The immortal who plays a whore in order to get anthropological information finds a British conspiracy to take the California coast of what will be the US. She follows it too closely and puts Mendoza at danger. A man who looks just like her earlier lover shows up as part of the conspiracy and she can't leave him. She determines she'll become a double spy, which is not exactly what happens.
Tags: book
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