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"And I didn't even get to go to Comic-con!"

So far, I'm still really fond of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon laments being in the Arctic instead of Comic-con, and Two and a Half Men. NCIS was good and I'll watch the new NCIS: LA for a bit, although it didn't catch me like the original. I thought The Good Wife was excellent and has a lot of potential, but the forgotten only gets one more watching because it was so predictable and the dead girl narrates, which I hate.

I managed to get to the last post on Charlie's Diary while the cleaning lady was here and then really had to sleep. She can make all the noise she wants, I'm so used to sleeping while she does it that I don't wake up until she opens the sliding glass doors. After she left, I took the bags of clothes that are too big for me and still in really good shape and went first to get the new dose of cytoxan. The pharmacy hadn't ordered it yet, so I have to call before I go back tomorrow. This is kind of annoying because I'd planned this batch of errands/lunch down that direction. I went on to drop the clothes off at Salvation Army -- now the only thrift shop anywhere near, so I'm not looking at the religion -- and then had lunch at Uno's with a $5 off $15 coupon. I brought half the chicken from the salad home and I'll make something with that tomorrow.

The dematting tool came today and the directions are a little different than I thought from the picture, but I'll have to wait until I'm in the recliner and have acquired Loki to try it. Also today, my Anticipation papers and magnet! Plus Asimov's and Smithsonian.

The guys from the shop left me the broken part of the old latch; they know I like that kind of stuff!
Tags: cats, errands, food, housekeeping, sleep, tv

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