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Wrapped in Cotton Wool

I took a letter to the post office and then got groceries and I did pretty well there -- I didn't need to lean on the conveyor end and I didn't hurt too much -- but about a half-hour after I got home, the world receded and I felt like I was wrapped in cotton wool. I haven't had this happen in a long time now, but I've also had some other deficits: missing words in the middle of sentences, forgetting things I've just read or heard, losing words, and so forth. I went to bed and slept for 2.5 hours (with Loki and Spirit sleeping at the bottom of the bed tucked into my feet) and while I feel a bit flat now, I seem to be okay. I sent email to my rheumatologist because maybe the prednisone is getting too low and I want to know the result of the head angiogram.

Lucila called and she can't come tomorrow because her son (who has spina bifida with brain damage) had an event of his own today, and an appointment with his doctor tomorrow. So I'll wash cat blankies tomorrow and she'll come on Wednesday. That works out well for me, too, as well as for them.

The van's inner back door latch is broken. You open the right door first (with a lock) and then pull a latch to open the left inner door. I pulled it and got the regular resistance and then a pop! and it just wiggled back and forth. In order to get things in and out of the van, I need to sit on one side and lift things in and out to the other. If I lift from standing, I fall down. So the van is up at the shop (before my little brain malfunction) and I'll get it back later this week.
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