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Beads and Laundry

I finished the bail for a necklace yesterday at bookgroup -- literally, I was working ends in as another librarian came in to lock the doors -- and hope to photograph it soon. I've been adjusting the weight of the beads I used, plus some others I hadn't entered yet, in my seedbead database.

At the same time, I'm washing sheets and doing laundry. I've only gotten the mattress pad back on the bed so far. I have new pillows (came Monday and the cats have been very interested in the giant box in my bedroom) and decided I'd wash everything. I have the old pillows and the giant box -- broken down and taped -- to take out to the van today because I don't expect Lucila to take that much garbage out (she walks here from her condo with all her cleaning tools).

Junie came out for wet food, looking at me cautiously, but then went back and hid. I hope she figures out soon that she can stay out. Spirit is asleep on top of the recliner back and Loki is asleep in the castle. He's so cute with his paw out the castle window and his chin out on his paw.
Tags: beads, cats, jewelry, laundry

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