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Marilee J. Layman

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04:07 pm: CatGenie Progress 3
Well, the problem was a partial clog. I had tapped the hose, pulled it all the way out, tapped that, and then decided I was going to have to move it a bit to do the faucet into end of hose thing. The base isn't designed to be lifted and it slipped from my fingers and fell about a half-inch and that knocked the clog loose and the water came rushing out. The partial clog turned out to be wet dust bunnies. They blew up when Mark moved the laundry center back and I didn't see any in the bowl when I put the granules in, but they must have landed there.

While I was working on it yesterday, Shiva kept coming to the doorway and MROWRing at me. When I ran it and then he heard it stop, he was right in there using it. He came back out to me at the computer and said a soft mruf. So today, I waited until he'd used it before I ran it. No signs of the other cats using it.

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