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The VCR/DVD that has a non-functional remote doesn't have a rewind button on the front, so I popped the tape from the other machine, rewound it, and realized I could just watch it from that one with the fast-forwarding. I can't use the remote for that one from the computer -- too many things in the way -- but that's not a big problem.

Today Junie slunk out of the bedroom as I was getting dressed and I watched to make sure she didn't come back in while I was taking meds. On my way out, I closed the door as well as the guest bathroom door so it would be easy to catch her. I put the wet food down and heard her calling from the guest bath and I went and got her and gave her the eyedrops. She went right to eat. Only two more applications and we're done!

When I put the Peapod stuff away, I found stinky things in the drawers of the fridge, so I took those to the dumpster today and dropped a DVD off at the post office.

I got the rearrangement between the hall closet and the utility room done with only three rests -- now there's more room in both and the things I use more often are more accessible -- and still need to arrange what I'm taking to bookgroup tomorrow. I have a lot of books to go so am using the collapsible crate.

Junie would like dry food now, but I'm going to wait until after I give her tonight's drops before I put that out.
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