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Broken Things

The remote to the DVD/VCR I use the most stopped working last night. I changed the batteries, reset it, everything. It also manages the TV and it wouldn't do that, either. It's not a big deal: for just watching, I can use the TV remote on the TV, and later when I watch what I recorded on the DVD/VCR, I can use the buttons on the front of it and just let it run instead of fast-forwarding over the commercials. I ordered a new remote last night.

Today I went out for my vitamin-D level, picked up a little red cat hut at Petco (a friend gave me a gift card for them when Shiva died and I only had two places where cats could hide and still watch outdoors, so now everybody has one), and when I opened the back of the van (two doors), the latch to the inner door broke. It broke closed, which is good, but I do think I need it fixed. I get things in and out of the back of the van by sitting on one side and lifting in and out to the other side. If I could just lift from standing, I'd be a lot weller (more well?). I'll have to call the shop tomorrow and get an idea of the cost.

By the time I got in, I was so tired I sat in the recliner, then pushed it back and slept for 1.5 hours. I came over and started online and then right before I was writing this, Peapod came. They brought everything I ordered except the fresh pierogies (ordered on Tuesday, before Jim's pierogie pizza recipe on ML). So far, they've always been out of that, and I can get them at Giant if I want, so we'll see for Monday's grocery trip. They also brought a giant box of "Original and Best Kellogg's Corn Flakes" and three close-to-ripe bananas, which I didn't order. I know from experience that they won't send the guy back for them, but I'm not sure I'll eat them. Maybe there's corn flake recipes I'd like -- I'm not drinking milk anymore (too much protein) so I'm not having them as cereal. My upstairs neighbor likes ripe bananas.

Between web-only specials, a delivery coupon arrangement, letting them deliver over a wide range of hours, and buying sale things, I saved $25.89 and only paid $99.13. Pretty good deal.
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