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Wizards at War by Diane Duane

This is the eighth book in this series where a couple of teens become wizards. Not like Harry Potter, much more realistic for most of the books. Kit and Nita are just home from solving problems on an alien world while on a "holiday" and are greeted by Earth's Senior Wizards. Tom and Carl tell them that the Lone Power is pushing a kind of dark matter at all the worlds everywhere and will not only make everybody kill everybody else, but all the wizardly powers will go away -- the seniors first. The young wizards must solve the problem themselves.

Some of their alien young wizard friends join them on a scary chase to find the right pieces and put them together properly in order to save the worlds. This is a tight thriller, even though it's YA. The only probem I have with these books, and others may not, is the Lone Power and the One and so forth. Duane is clearly identifying the Lone Power with the Devil/Death and the other Powers and the One with Saints and God. I don't believe in those beings and I cringe when they come up. The books are still good enough for me to read.
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