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Marilee J. Layman

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08:48 pm: Food, Food, and Food
All three of the kitties slept with me part of last night and I woke up with a foot cramp and had to wake them up so I could move. Spirit and Junie touched noses this morning and then backed off carefully, which is good. I put their wet food in a dish on the kitchen floor and then got Junie out of the Safe Cage to give her eyedrops. She got upset as I reached the recliner and, as near as I can tell, never ate the wet food.

I got this week's money at the ATM, dropped a DVD, the jury info letter, and the copies of the vet reports at the post office, and then got groceries. I ended up really worn out and didn't get to the frozen food and bread, but I'll manage. A man was heading up toward the building while I was sitting in the back of the van and I asked him if he'd mind taking the cart up and he smiled and said he wouldn't mind. I thanked him, of course.

I came home and started on the computer and then lizzibabe came to get a look at the kitties and she used one of those two for one coupons to take me out to Ruby Tuesday's. We had a nice dinner and a nicer talk. I really appreciated her treat. Saturday, which is bookgroup, is Talk Like A Pirate Day, so I suppose I'll have to find an eyepatch or a parrot or something.

Next, getting Junie and putting her eyedrops in.

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