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Kitties are Out and About

When I was beading in the recliner last night, they all three came close enough to have some furmination. I think Junie thinks it's a variation on petting, and I could only do a couple places on Loki. I'd noticed that Spirit has some underfur that needed to come out, since nobody is licking her fur anymore.

All three were on and off the bed while I was reading; I had to tell Junie "no" several times about jumping on the bookcases. Then I got to sleep about four hours until Junie and Loki came in and woke Spirit and me up. They lay on the bed and wanted to be petted again, and then left and I got the rest of the night's sleep. I could handle that.

After I got the wet food on a dish on the floor in the kitchen and settled into the recliner to skim the front pages of the WashPost and make the grocery list for tomorrow, Junie and then Loki came to eat the wet food. Loki hung out with Mr. Gator and Junie got right under the sheet on the couch. It can't be because it's soft because it's soft on top of the sheet, too. It was time for her eyedrops anyway, so I pulled her out and gave them to her. She was unhappy, but didn't fight.

The woman who gave them to me is repaying me the entire vet bill, which I really really appreciate.

Now Spirit is on the heating pad in the kitchen, Loki in the tub (I wonder if I should give him a folded towel for softness and/or warmth), and Junie in the Safe Cage in the back of my closet.

I'm changing and washing sheets, of course, and will wash clothes and towels as well. I have the power thingie for the electric sweeper plugged in so I can get up some of the fur and some beads. I usually do this halfway between the times Lucila comes, but I was too tired last Thursday.
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