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More on Kitties

Last night I tipped the recliner back carefully and talked them out. They both disembowelled Mr. Gator, which annoyed Spirit. Loki and Junie were looking around, checking the place out, when I finished online about 10pm and they both ran down the hall as I came out from behind the desk. Junie came back out and even sat on my lap for a couple of minutes, but she became annoyed that Spirit was following her and started growling when Spirit was close. Spirit started hissing, which I've never heard her do before. By the time I went to bed, they woke me up every hour with both of them wanting to sleep on the bed, but growling and hissing because they were too close. I actually got three hours of sleep before noon, so I'll probably nap later.

Loki spent the rest of the evening, night, and until I got up under my shower stool. I'm not sure why he's so afraid, he likes it when I come close and pet, but he's clearly worried about coming out. I did get him to eat by putting the dish of wet food in my shower.

I'm working on a lot of things in the house -- cleaning up the guest bathroom, moving the things in my closet so I can get Junie out of the corner easily (I got her eyedrops in today and she didn't fight, just wanted to get away), doing laundry and so forth -- and will have errands tomorrow.
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