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I Should Remember Why I Take Meds

I dropped the trash & recycling off on the way to the head CT today. The instructions said nothing but clear liquids for four hours before, so I didn't take my morning meds. By the time I got home, moving my hands was amazingly painful, and I didn't know why. I tucked into the bed and making them warm helped some (and I slept for 90 minutes, with Spirit curled up at the bottom of the bed) but they still hurt when I got up. That's when I remembered that I take meds for that in the morning, and got up and took them. Now, they're about normal pain.

While the nurses were putting the contrast IV in at the imaging center, I got the call that Shiva's ashes were ready for pickup, so I got those on the way home.

The vet and her assistant were just here and Loki and Junie got checkups, distemper shots, and FeLeuk tests to go out. I'll keep them even if the tests are positive; I'll just know to watch carefully. Junie has a mild respiratory infection, so I have 10 days of eyedrops for her. When they started the cutter, to get the mats, Loki was strong enough to push away and bite the assistant. He said he gets bit about once a year, but I was not happy it happened here. Both Loki and Junie are under the recliner now. The vet said that when Loki becomes more accustomed to the place, that I should see about getting a mobile groomer, if I could, but they would come back if not, because the matting is bad enough to be a medical problem. I might even need to have him anesthetized for someone to do it. It turns out that Junie's odd color and face mean she has a lot of Blue in her, probably Russian.

I got two books from SFBC today and was putting Bitter Angels by C.L. Anderson into my bookbase. When I opened to the page with the copyright, it turns out to be copyrighted by Sarah Zettel. I would have bought it much sooner if I'd known it was hers.
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