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Open Windows!

It's actually cool today! I've had the windows open since I got home!

The vet returned my call and she and her assistant will be here tomorrow between 6 & 7pm to check Junie and Loki out and de-mat him. They won't groom him, and I wouldn't expect them to, but if they get the mats off, I'm pretty sure I can handle the rest. I hope they're in good shape because they're really tired of being in the guest bathroom.

Today I took The Healing of America back to the library, dropped off a DVD, and got my two-week nephrology labs. When I got home, I opened the windows, sat in the recliner and pushed it back, and accidently went to sleep for an hour. Spirit only work me up a half-dozen times last night, which was fewer than the night before, but I'm still missing sleep. I was afraid that I'd missed the mailman (flags were still up on the way in when I came home) but I just saw him heading toward the clusterboxes before ours, so I can get Luke's and my mail soon.

I'm going to start mixing our kitty litter with theirs gradually today because ours is flushable (can't flush it until it's all ours, and carrying the clay kind out will be a problem for me) and I want them to get used to it. They came with a small amount of dry food, so I'll start mixing in some of our dry food, too.

The WashPost has an interesting article on a musician who made music that cotton-topped monkeys reacted to. They don't care about human music, but their music caused responses.
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