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Wash and Dry

The sheets from last week have been washed and are in the dryer and I've put most of the sheets for this week on the bed.

Loki and Junie were happy when I took them wet food earlier and I brought the dish that had had dry food in it out to wash. I'll put more dry food in and take it back in a bit along with the litter scoop and a bag. I washed the water bowl and filled it. Nancy, the woman who brought them, sent me some history about why they needed a new home and said her granddaughters seemed to think the matting was normal. When I read the info she brought with them, I saw that other than the recent rabies vaccinations, they haven't seen a vet since they were born in 2005, so I left a message with my vet. I hope she can come this week and will also do the cutting, although she can probably recommend someone. Nancy also gave me info on two groomers who replied to her Craigslist post.

When I posted about The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants yesterday, I forgot to put something in. In the movie, Carmen, a curvy half-Mexican, goes to visit her father for the summer. That's where she finds out that he's moved, is getting ready to marry a skinny white woman with two skinny white kids, has started saying grace before meals, and many other things. The thing that makes her snap, though, is that her future stepmother wants her to wear the same pink dress that the stepsister will wear as bridesmaids. Not only does the size not fit, but it's not the right shape for Carmen.

When my father married my stepmother, she had us wear the same dresses that looked awful on both of us. They were pink dotted swiss and I was tall & thin & 17. My stepsister was eight and looked like a linebacker (even with breast reduction a few years later, in the last picture I saw of her, she looked like a linebacker). So at least we were both angry.
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